Thursday, March 14, 2013

Easy Name Applique Tie Blankets

So I regularly get questions on how I do some of my projects so I thought I would share them here. I am a firm believer that you truly can learn to do just about anything on the Internet.

These are the blankets that I made for some of my nieces and nephews for Christmas this past year.

  Sorry for the sketchy color quick pick with the phone.

These blankets were quick, inexpensive, and fairly easy to make once you know how. Also (and best of all) they are/can be NO SEW! 


For each blanket I used 1.5 yards of two coordinating fabrics (one for the front and one for the back), scraps of coordinating fabric for the name applique, a computer, printer with paper, marker, and a yard total of paper backed, iron-on, adhesive (like this Heat'n Bond).


First of all lay out the fabric and decided how large I wanted the names to be taking account a few inches of the blanket edges that were going to be cut and tied. Then I went to my computer, opened up MS Word, picked out a font, typed up the names, and printed them out (most names were on two or three separate page).

Then I placed the printed letters face down and then placed the adhesive on top paper side up and traced the letters.

Repeat for all of your names and letters...

After that separate the letters by loosely cutting them apart (doesn't have to be perfect) then place the adhesive (adhesive side down) on the back (wrong side) of the fabric and iron on according to the adhesives instructions. Like this...

 Then cut the letters out actually along the letters line. You don't want to have a bunch of excess paper/adhesive around the fabric letter.

 You should end up with something like this..

 Fabric on one side and adhesive on the other.

Now carefully peel the paper off the back of the letters and pin in place where you want them on the fabric. Like such
Then iron them on - following the instructions on the package. Most iron on adhesive does not require sewing (double check before you buy if you do not want to sew). Mine did not require sewing, but I liked the look so I quickly ran a strait stitch around the inside border of each of the letter.  That's completely optional though if you buy new sew adhesive.

Now the fun part cutting and tieing the fabric together. Lay the fabric wrong sides together. So the bottom fabric is facing down and the top fabric is facing up. Then make cuts along the edge of the fabric all the way around.  I like to make my cuts about 2-3 inches long about 1-2 inches apart.  Then start tieing by making knots with the strips you cut.  Make a not by tieing the top strip to the bottom and then repeat, repeat, repeat.  Eventually you will have an adorable blanket for your littles, or bigs if you make them bigger. 

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