Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oven Cleaning Attempt 1: The Results

So shockingly enough my quick, easy, no scrub oven cleaning attempt went VERY well.  To recap the oven and its racks had not been cleaned in a year (gasp).  While I forgot to take a before picture, I do not think it is hard for you to imagine your worse, unclean, gross, embarrassing dirty oven you can imagine, and that is what my oven started off looking like.

For the Oven:

I sprinkled some baking soda in the bottom.  Then filled a squirt bottle with vinegar and squirted the whole oven down.  Then I let it sit for about two hours. After that I took an SOS pad and wiped (not scrubbed) it down and was shocked.  Take a look!

Shocking... right!  The black spot in the back is actually olive oil that has been baked on over and over again. It used to take over a good half of the oven, but now! The foul smelling, chemically laden, store bought oven cleaner could not even get it this clean.  So since it was so easy, I decided to try again. So sprinked the baking soda, squirted the vinegar and left it to sit for two hours. Then I cam back wiped it down and looked at a pretty clean oven.

For the Racks

The overly blackened racks were placed in the the bathtub, covered with super hot water. I then added about 8 dryer sheets, 1/2 cup of blue dawn, and sprinkled a little borax and oxiclean. After a few hours I checked on it and this is what I found....

EEEEWWWWW. Gross right? After seeing all the grossness, I decided that they were probably pretty clean.  So I drained the tub and wiped them down with another SOS pad.  These I did scrub a tiny bit (only because I was so thrilled at how clean they were becoming.

The Grand Finale

Tale a look!!!!!

Not perfect but definitely close enough in my book.  I would probably try again (because its so easy), but this biggo pregnant lady is tired of bending over in the oven. I deem it clean enough!

So what do you think? Easy right?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oven Cleaning Attempt 1

Ok so I forgot to take a before picture, but I have a feeling its not completely necessary.   All you have to do is image a frequently used oven that has not been cleaned in  over a year a very long time. Being big and pregnant, I realize that this should probably get cleaned before junior arrives here in a few weeks.  I also have absolutely no desire to try and crawl inside of my oven (not that its even possible right now) to get it clean. Actually right now I would settle for clean-ish.  Right now I would be happy if it would just stop screaming "help me" every time I open the door, and make me not want let anyone near it for embarrassment. So in my quest to make it look clean-ish with little to no scrubbing I have baking soda and vinegar working its magic on the bottom of the oven. I also have the racks soaking in a very hot bath with dawn, borax, oxyclean, and dryer sheets... did I mention the racks were pretty much black.  So here we go with round 1.     

Monday, November 19, 2012

Life Right Now

Ok so it seems I have seriously neglected the blog I once had grand plans for. What can I say it's been a crazy, insane year.  After a lucky round of clomid we FINALLY got pregnant, sadly (or should I say tragically) we lost the baby, then about 6 weeks later Mr. D bought me a puppy, less then 2 weeks after that we were surprised to find out we were somehow expecting again! Then we spent 5 weeks visiting family all over France, and since then I have been doing home projects (like re-doing my kitchen at 20 some odd weeks by myself) and getting the little mans room ready. So I have lots of bloggy ideas and have taken on a ton of DIY projects in the last year since we moved in. Hopefully I can actually start remembering to post them. So here's to hopefully a new post soon.