Monday, November 19, 2012

Life Right Now

Ok so it seems I have seriously neglected the blog I once had grand plans for. What can I say it's been a crazy, insane year.  After a lucky round of clomid we FINALLY got pregnant, sadly (or should I say tragically) we lost the baby, then about 6 weeks later Mr. D bought me a puppy, less then 2 weeks after that we were surprised to find out we were somehow expecting again! Then we spent 5 weeks visiting family all over France, and since then I have been doing home projects (like re-doing my kitchen at 20 some odd weeks by myself) and getting the little mans room ready. So I have lots of bloggy ideas and have taken on a ton of DIY projects in the last year since we moved in. Hopefully I can actually start remembering to post them. So here's to hopefully a new post soon.

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